Air Conditioning Repair Grove City

AC Repair Grove City Ohio

Having air conditioner issues? If you are on this page, it’s safe to assume you need air conditioning repair services. Don’t worry though, Stringtown Heating & Cooling can help you out. We have a fleet of team members waiting to service you.

If your air conditioning unit is being extremely loud, stopped cooling, or has just shut off altogether, our technicians have handled every problem you can throw at them. We will come out to your property and diagnose your unit to find out what the real problem is before we do any work. After finding out what is actually wrong with your air conditioner, we will go over in detail the next steps to take.

What if my air conditioner needs replaced?

I am going to be completely honest with you here. Our main goal when we send out a technician to fix your ac is to do just that, fix it. We want to save you the most money and time of having no air to cool your home.

That said, we cannot perform miracles, although I think I have seen a few in my day. In the case the situation goes beyond our control to salvage your existing ac unit, we will recommend replacing and installing a new air conditioner. At that point we will let you know your options and if you would like we can set up a time to do a FREE estimate.

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FAQ Air Conditioning Repair Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked about ac repairs.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

Your AC may be low on refrigerant or, you could have a refrigerant leak, which you’ll need a professional’s help to find and fix. These are two common issues but you would still need a professional to look over the unit to properly diagnose and make sure that is the reason.

Why is my AC not blowing air?

Try setting the thermostat fan switch from the “auto” to the “on” position. Feel for air coming out of the vents. If it is in the air conditioning mode, check for ice around the evaporator coil and on the refrigerant lines at the indoor unit. If the fan isn’t working, that can cause the coil to freeze.

How much does it cost to fix an air conditioner?

Replacement of the equipment, which may include various small parts, new Freon, and labor can vary in price range. We charge a diagnostic fee for us to come out and find out what the issue is. If any major repairs are needed to be done additional cost will be on top of that. An average service call can run anywhere from $200-$600. If the repair exceeds that, it may be a wiser choice to replace the unit.

Can a dirty air filter cause the air conditioner not to cool?

Yes, a dirty air filter restricts the flow of cold aircausing it to build up inside the air conditioner and lower the internal temperature. This may cause freezing which can turn into your ac to stop working. If this happens, turn off your system and give us a call. ** We recommend changing your filters every 3-4 months **

Is it safe to run air conditioner without filter?

Short answer is yes you can. This is not good practice and definitely should not happen. Dirt is one of the biggest issue when it comes to a unit breaking down.