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Providing furnace and air conditioning services to the roughly 10-thousand residents that live in Lincoln Village is a joy. Located on the outside of the I-270 outer belt on the west side of Columbus is a small community with just under 10K according to the Lincoln Village wiki page. However, that was back in 2000. If you are not familiar with the area, they have a Giant Eagle Supermarket for anyone needing your basic necessities. If you live in the area and are needing HVAC services for your heating or AC units, call Stringtown or let a friend know about us servicing your area.

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Air Conditioning Contractors Lincoln Village

Do you live in the Lincoln Village area? Stringtown Heating & Cooling services this area and all of Columbus Ohio. Being a full service HVAC company that offers air conditioning repair services and perform new air conditioner installations, we should have just what you are looking for when it comes to handling your AC system.┬áDon’t let the hot and humid summer get the best of you this year. We can help with repairs and replacements with affordable rates and financing options.

Heating Contractors Lincoln Village

Heating experts for your furnace and heat pumps in Lincoln Village. Not trying to toot our horn when we say that but, we do have quite a bit of experience when it comes to helping homeowners and businesses with their heating problems. Living in Ohio we all know how flaky the weather can be. The beginning of the week is freezing cold, and by Friday you would think its spring. Winters can be unpredictable so being prepared is the best thing possible that you could do. This is where our HVAC company shines being able to handle both ac and furnace issues. When the air tries to nip you where you do not want it, our furnace technicians will be here to help with our furnace repair and furnace installation services. We thrive to be the leading heating experts for you.

Air Duct Cleaning Lincoln Village

When is the last time you had your vents and ductwork cleaned? We offer an amazing service to clean your duct work throughout your entire home. Some cleaning companies will charge you outrageous amounts to clean your registers, trunk lines, and other areas of your heating and cooling system, then on top of that, charge you for additional heat runs and more. We do not operate this way. Our air duct cleaning service is a flat fee for your entire home. The only time the price changes is when your home reaches the next square footage threshold. The bigger the job, obviously the cost must go up. The good news is that are prices are more than reasonable, you have your entire homes ventilation system cleaned and your furnace cleaning is included. Call to schedule your cleaning today.