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Heating and Cooling Company in Hilltop Area of Columbus Ohio

The Hilltop is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio as well as one with much history. Located on the west side of Columbus and previously remembered as Sullivant’s Hill named after Lucas Sullivant. Being such a large area, there are many residents that need heating and cooling services and hvac repairs. We are proud to serve one of the most historical areas in the Columbus Ohio market.

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Air Conditioning Contractors in Hilltop, Columbus

Are you in need of air conditioning services in the Hilltop neighborhood? Stringtown Heating & Cooling services Hilltop and the west side Columbus communities. Being a full service heating and cooling company that provides air conditioning repair services and perform new air conditioner installations we are able to help all the residents of the Hilltop area. During the warmer months in Ohio, the temperature can elevate to degrees that will make anyone uncomfortable. Do not let the heat get to you if your system is broke down or needs replaced. Make sure you stay cool in the comfort of your home or office with our amazing service and expertise.

Heating Contractors in Hilltop, Columbus

Your heating service experts in Hilltop are Stringtown Heating & Cooling. The great thing about Ohio and what many love is the fact of the changing seasons. You can’t live just anywhere and experience sub zero temperatures on one end, and blazing 100+ degree days on the other side. Ohio is truly a special region of the USA. This is where our HVAC company shines being able to handle both air conditioning and furnace problems. When the air tries to nip you where you do not want it, our furnace technicians will be here to help with our furnace repair and furnace installation services. We thrive to be the leading heating experts for you in Hilltop.

Duct Cleaning in Hilltop, Columbus

How clean are your ducts in Hilltop? We offer an amazing service to clean your duct work throughout your entire home. Most companies will charge you for a certain amount of registers, trunk lines, and other areas of your heating and cooling system and then charge you for additional heat runs on top of what you are already paying. We do not operate this way. Our air duct cleaning service is a flat fee for your entire home. The only time the price changes is when your home reaches the next square footage threshold. The bigger the job, obviously the cost must go up. The good news is that are prices are more than reasonable, you have your entire homes ventilation system cleaned and your furnace cleaning is included. Call to schedule your cleaning today.

Main Attraction in Hilltop

Photo of Hollywood Casino in Hilltop, Columbus Ohio

The number one thing that the westside of Columbus area is known for in my opinion in the recent years is Hollywood Casino in the Hilltop area. It has been a great addition to Columbus and the area. If you have not got a chance to visit, it is definitely one to experience. With different food venues and live shows, it is not just a place you have to go to gamble.

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