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AC Repair Services

Air conditioners break down. It is a fact of life. They are mechanical and need taken care of by professionals that know what they are doing. Call us today for the fastest and most reliable ac repair service to get yours fixed. We pride ourselves on the honest and speedy work out technician do.

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AC Installation

Having the appropriate system makes all the difference when it comes to having a new air conditioner installed in your home or office. This is why we provide free estimates on all new installs to make sure we find the right one for you.

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Duct Cleaning Services

When is the last time you have had a duct cleaning? Did you even know that there was a service that cleaned out your air ducts that run through your entire house and place of work? Over time, dirt and debris build up in your ducts and cause the air you breath to be harmful. Have yours cleaned today.

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Furnace Repair Services

It could be 60 degrees, sunny, and not a care in the world on a Tuesday…Ā  And then it could be on the brink of snowing the next day and your furnace takes a turn for the worse. You know where you live and you know this is a true statement. Call the team that knows how to have your running like new again, call for your furnace repairs.

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Furnace Installation

Just like allĀ installs, we provide free estimates for all furnace install jobs. It is a must that we do this. We size up and take measurements of your home to provide you with the correct size unit for you home. This is so your unit is just the right fit. It wont work too hard, and will be the most cost efficient HVAC system for you special home.

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Heat Pumps Services

Heat pumps are some amazing pieces of equipment and are very popular to have in your HVAC lineup. Heat pumps can heat and cool which is why they are such great pieces of equipment. Consider them a transporter of heat. Taking the heat to where it needs to go while at the same time removing it from places it should not be. Call for more information.

Servicing All Major HVAC Brands

Where Do We Service?

Stringtown Heating and Cooling is located in Columbus, Ohio. We service here as well as a number of surrounding areas and communities around the Franklin and Fairfield Counties. Have a look at our HVAC Service Area page for a more detailed description on where we provide our top notch heating and cooling services. Remember that if you are looking for a heating and cooling company you can trust that will be reliable and honest, keep the best hvac contractor in mind. We are a Carrier dealer and can service all makes and models!

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Heating and Cooling Services in Grove City

Our goal is to be your go-to heating and cooling specialist for the Grove City and Columbus Ohio market.

Heating Services

Part of the way we plan to grow and be a staple in the Grove City and Columbus markets when it comes to heating services is the price. Having the ability to offer affordable heating and cooling services such as furnace repair and other hvac repair services has allowed our company to thrive over the years. This is why when consumers such as yourself have been looking for the best hvac companies near me, we may have been recommended to you one way or another. Our heating repair technicians are among some of the finest in the Columbus Ohio area. So when you are looking for your next hvac contractor to repair your furnace or install a new unit (which we provide free estimates for), keep us in the forefront of your mind. We also provide emergency repair services throughout the Columbus metro area and proudly offer 24 hour furnace repair in Columbus Ohio.

Air Conditioning Services

Being an air conditioning contractor is something our team looks at highly. In the Ohio climate we encounter some pretty high temperatures at times and having someone you can rely on for your central air conditioning repairs is crucial. You need an hvac company that specializes in ac maintenance. Over the years we have grown our team of highly skilled technicians that are ac repair service experts to say the least. Stringtown provides you with dedicated teams for both air conditioning installations that know the ins and outs of installs, and the technical service side for when your unit decides to act up. The same goes for our ac services as our heating services. We offer emergency ac repair services on top of 24 hour air conditioning repair for Columbus Ohio.

Additional Service Areas Include:

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